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Cutting off the water in an emergency:

If your tap is connected to the mains, it is relatively simple to cut off the supply. Turn off the indoor stop valve. If it is stiff, it is advisable to use a spanner, or to apply a little oil if necessary. When this has been done, simply drain the remaining water away by turning on the taps until the flow of water has stopped.

If your hot or cold tap feeds off pipes from the cistern (water tank) , there should be either a gate valve or mini stopcock available to turn off. The stop valve can be found alongside the cold water tank. When these have been turned off, switch on the tap until the water flow has stopped.

Note, if you find that neither the gate valve or the stopcock are present, then the cistern itself will have to be drained. To drain the cistern you must first prevent water entering the system by switching it off at the mains. Alternatively you can tie up the ball-valve by placing a piece of wood across the tank and tying the arm of the ball-valve to it. Either way, the flow of water will be stopped. The bathroom taps can then be turned on to drain out the remaining water.

If for some reason you wish to turn off the outdoor stopcock, you will first need to find it outside of your property. If you cannot locate it, get in touch with your water company. Take of the cover off, and insert the stopcock key. When you have reached the handle at the bottom, turn it clockwise to cut off the flow.

Gas Leak Suspicion

Indications of Gas leakage can be detected by slight of smell, or a bill thats higher than your usage.
If you happen to suspect any leakages. Call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999

If you require assistance shutting off your water, give us a call on: 07788 1381 71 (24 hour line – emergency only).