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Thermal Imaging

“Cost-effective thermal analysis and plumbing solutions from Cheshire Plumbers”

Cheshire Plumbers are ITC certified thermographers – offering the best quality thermal imaging service!

thermal-imagingWhat is Thermal Imaging?

Here at Cheshire Plumbers, our plumbing specialists use thermal imaging, or thermography, to detect and measure the thermal energy that is being released from objects. The camera detects this heat and converts it into a signal which is then produced in the form of an image on a monitor. Thermal Imaging allows our plumbers to perform temperature calculations and analyse heat efficiency in a way that was never previously possible. It also enables us to detect leaks with minimal disruption and in the quickest time possible, preventing potential water and mould damage to your property.

Put simply, thermal imaging allows our team to see the bigger picture. We can easily scan an entire building in order to get to the bottom of a problem, whether it be a leak or another heating or plumbing problem and unlike other plumbing services, thermal imaging enables us to detect leaks which are sometimes hard to trace, e.g. when water pipes are installed in the floor or under plaster. The heat of the hot water pipes will radiate to the surface and can be detected via our thermal imaging camera. Thermal imaging enables us to quickly identify underfloor heating leaks, detect underfloor heating defects, identify cold spots and clearly identify pipe centres.

At Cheshire Plumbers, not only do we use thermal imaging for solving problems, but also to determine the efficiency of heating systems and examine building heat loss. We can find the inefficient aspects of your plumbing with our leak detection equipment quickly and easily, repair them and save you money.

When Might I Need Thermal Imaging From Cheshire Plumbers

Thermal imaging can save you lots of money. If you have a leak and you ignore it, not only will you risk receiving extortionate bills, but leaks can also destroy your walls, floors or roof. Water damage can also result in mould growth which can not only damage your property but can also have negative implications on your health. Contact Cheshire Plumbers about thermal imaging and leak detection if:

  • You detect or suspect water damage.
  • You’re moving into a new building and you want to ensure the heating system is working efficiently.
  • You need to do an energy audit.
  • You want to inspect insulation for thermal performance.

What Are The benefits of Thermal Imaging?

  • Thermal imaging is the quickest and most efficient method of leak detection.
  • Our efficient methods mean that you’ll spend less on plumbing costs while receiving the best plumbing service possible.
  • It’s a non-intrusive technology – Put simply, thermal imaging allows us to fix and provide efficient leak detection without causing damage to roof structures or walls, so there will be no knock-on damage or costly repair work.

How Can I Tell If I Have a Leak?

  • Loss of pressure in boiler system.
  • Unexpected high water or energy bills
  • Noisy pipes

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