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Leak Detection: The Causes of Pipe Leaks

Here at Cheshire Plumbers we’ve been in the plumbing industry for many years and are experts at finding leaks in your home by using cutting edge leak detection technology. If you suspect you have a leak you may be curious why you have a leak in the first place. There are many reasons why a leak can occur here are five of the most common causes of why you may need leak detection:

  • Corrosion: corrosion can be caused by a chemical reaction, the water quality or merely because of the age of pipes. Corrosion will only get worse and so if this is the cause it’s essential pipes are fixed as quickly as possible
  • Leaky pipe joints: the joints on your pipes are vulnerable and may become weak and spring a leak, we will then have to access the pipes to replace this and to avoid any further damage.
  • High pressure: your pipes and valves are designed to sustain a certain amount of pressure – if this is exceeded it can cause your pipes to crack.
  • Rust: this is more common in older galvanised steel pipes rather than newer copper instalments.
  • Change in temperature: drastic changes in temperature can cause pipes to crack and burst. This is especially an issue in cold weather when pipes can freeze and crack.

leak detection

Why use Leak Detection?

If a leak should occur it can cause significant disruption in your home, causing damage and inconvenience. In most modern systems if the pressure drops below a certain level because of a water leak your boiler can shut down leaving you without hot water or central heating. Here at Cheshire Plumbers our leak detection experts can find the leak quickly and disruption is minimalised by quickly finding the source of the problem.

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