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Why You Shouldn’t Repair a Leak Yourself

First of all, we are not saying you can’t fix a leak yourself, but unless you are 100% confident in what you are doing there are a number of reasons you shouldn’t attempt it yourself. We have years of experience in the trade and no exactly how to find a long lasting, cost effective solution to repairing a leak. We also possess the very latest central heating leak detection technology that can find the source of a leak without having to rip up floorboards thanks to thermal imaging. Here, we take a look at the problems that could arise from repairing the leak yourself.

Central Heating Leak Detection

Dangers of Repairing a Leak

The internet is saturated with self-help videos showing you how to fix a variety of leaks in your property. The biggest problem with this is that these people have no training or credentials that you can check. They might be handy with a bit of DIY, but this is no substitute for an experienced, qualified plumber. The market is also full of do it yourself products with all manner of sealants available for you to use. However, while these products can often stop the leak, the solution is only temporary. Sourcing the leak can also be very difficult, especially beneath the floor but with Cheshire Plumbers our central heating leak detection equipment find the leak in no time and with no damage. The biggest danger of all is if you are attempting the repair yourself and inadvertently make it worse. A small leak can turn into a big one in no time at all, with the potential to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

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It is very tempting to attempt the repair yourself to save money, but the potential damage you can cause makes this a big risk. Hiring a professional service such as ourselves guarantees the quality of the work and you can rest assured you are not just getting a cheap “quick-fix”. If you would like to know more about any of our products or services, or would like the get a quote, please feel free to contact us at any time.